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Little Wolves

Little Wolves

We have just added 5 new adventurous ice cream creations to our menu here in Iceland:

- Caramel Wolf

Caramel cookie crumble, caramel sauce and a milk chocolate wolf.

- Choco Cookie Wolf

Chocolate cookie crumble, white chocolate-vanilla sauce and a milk chocolate wolf.

- Honey Wolf

Honey roasted corn-flakes, chocolate-carmel sauce and a milk chocolate wolf.

- Lakkrís Wolf

Liquorice-chocolate sauce, raspberry-liquorice-chocolate cookie crumble and a milk chocolate chocolate wolf. 

- Nutty Wolf

Chocolate salted nuts, almond butter and a milk chocolate wolf.


All wolves available with the choice of soft serve vanilla or liqourice ice cream.


Kid friendly sizes (for kids of all ages) at a family friendly price. Our ice cream shop here in Reykjavík is open every day this summer from 13:00 to 22:00.

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