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In honor of dad jokes and comforting cuddles, we’ve crafted the ultimate guide to chocolate pairings that might just hit Dad’s sweet spot this Father’s Day, June 16th.

Whiskey: For Bourbon lovers, Nicaragua 73 is the way to go. It’s a match made in chocolate heaven!

Beer, Believe it or not, beer and chocolate are a superb duo. Try our Black n' Burnt Barley with an IPA or Stout, and you’ll see what we mean. Sea Salted Almonds are a delightful companion to a Saison or a Kölsch. Cheers to that!

Tea We’re big fans of milk Oolong tea, and it’s a match made in heaven with our Milk of Madagascar bar. Brew up some love for Dad!

Coffee: Is Dad obsessed with his coffee? Look no further than our Coffee + Milk bar. It's creamy, smooth chocolate that tastes exactly like a cup of cappuccino in the morning.

Chocolate Cake Surprise Dad with a delicious chocolate cake using our Caramel bar in your favorite recipe. It’s utterly delectable for baking. Alternatively, let’s bake some love!

Big Bars For the chocolate lover with a big appetite, we offer 250g (8.8 oz) bars of Caramel, Lakkrís + Sea Salt, and Sea Salted Almonds because a proper chocolate lover deserves a bar that’s as big as their love for chocolate!

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