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Where can I buy Omnom?

Where can I buy Omnom?

Omnom Chocolate is the only bean to bar chocolate maker in Iceland. Our mission is to make the best quality chocolate from the highest quality ingredients.

If you can´t find us locally then here below are some options for you:

Our online shop is currently only available to Iceland, USA and Canada.

To shop click here. or visit 

For wholesale inquiries in North America contact A Priori Distribution

For orders in the UK please check out or Good Living

For orders in Europe please check out Choco Dealer

For orders in Denmark please check out Norhvin

For orders in Norway please check out Solborg & Hansen 

For orders in Australia please check out Bean Bar You

Check out The Reykjavík Grapevine for worldwide shipping.

For Iceland visit our Ice Cream and Chocolate store located at our factory in Reykjavík or find us online through our Icelandic website. We are also available in a number of retail locations all around the country.

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