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Opposites attract this Valentine's Day

Opposites attract this Valentine's Day

For Valentine’s Day, discover chocolate bars that, when joined together, are like two lovers destined for each other. 

Indulge in two distinct flavors, one sweet and one salty.

They say opposites attract, and that rings true in this case.

Sea Salted Toffee

This chocolate bar is our ode to dulce de leche. Made with creamy white chocolate, it is infused with gentle notes of caramel, sea salt, and cookies, creating a rich and decadent taste. This bar will make you fall in love with white chocolate in a heartbeat.

Lakkrís + Raspberry 

There is something completely irresistible about combining licorice and raspberries, a tradition as Scandinavian as Ikea. The tangy flavor of raspberries perfectly complements the bold licorice taste, making for a genuinely memorable chocolate experience.

Whether you are a fan of sweet or sour, these two chocolates balance each other like the perfect power couple.

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