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To our everyday superheroes

To our everyday superheroes

The most precious moments we have, we share with our loved ones. In these strange times, we do our best to take good care of each other. The hugs have to wait a bit, but we still try to do our best to show each other love and affection. One way to do that is to give the everyday superheroes chocolate to thank them for everything they’ve done for us. We would be nothing without them; they've truly given us the world. We are of course, talking about the original superheroes - our mothers.

Omnom Love Collection

Sea Salted Toffee There really is nothing like good caramel chocolate, but to make the perfect caramel chocolate can be tricky and it has taken us years to achieve this flavour. We started off by baking the milk, yes you read right, we baked the milk until it darkened in colour and caramelised. The aroma reminded us of Dulce de leche. To perfect the chocolate, we sprinkled sea salt from Saltverk on top and voila, the perfect creamy caramel chocolate, Sea Salted Toffee. 

Lakkrís + Raspberry The inspiration for this chocolate bar does not, surprisingly come from Icelandic nature, or Icelandic ingredients - but rather the candy aisle. There is something completely irresistible about combining liquorice and raspberries together. We ground the liquorice root and dried raspberries down  before adding the organic cocoa butter to the mix. To capture the lakkrís de résistance, we sprinkled raspberries on top. This is Lakkrís + Raspberries.

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