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Chocolate Brioche with vanilla sauce

Chocolate Brioche with vanilla sauce

Wow, time flies during the holidays! It's already the third day of Advent, which means that Christmas is just around the corner. On this beautiful day, we give you a recipe so delicious you will probably die and then resurrect to have some more. 

Chocolate Brioche with vanilla sauce 

45 g milk, warm

6 g dry yeast

260 g flour

30 g sugar 

30 g cocoa powder

2 eggs

6 g salt

120 g unsalted butter, diced and let it sit at room temperature

1 egg yolk + 2 tablespoons for penciling.


Pour the warm milk to the bowl and sprinkle the dry yeast over the milk and let it sit for 5 minutes. 

Add the flour, sugar and cocoa powder and mix together for 5 minutes. 

Once that is done, add the eggs, and on a slow setting,  mix for 4 minutes. 

Add the salt and then the butter and mix slowly for 10 more minutes. 

Let the dough rise for an hour.

Place on a table and separate the dough into four equal parts and create large balls out of the dough.

With you thumb, create a small dent in each ball and place the Ganache inside each dough ball and pinch back with your fingers. 

Place the balls in a classic Christmas mould (see picture) and let rise for overnight in a cooler.

Set the oven to 180°c.

An hour before baking, take the mould out of the fridge and let it sit for a while to reach room temperature. 

Bake for 20-25 minutes.

Allow the Chocolate Brioche to stand for at least 30 minutes before serving with the warm vanilla sauce. 


250 g heavy cream

25 g syrup 

250 g Omnom Tanzania 70%, finely chopped

50 g butter


Place the cream and syrup in a pot and warm until it almost boils.

Add the chocolate to the pot and mix carefully together.

Using a hand mixer, mix the butter to the blend once it reaches 40°c. 

Place in mould and cool down.

Create balls and freeze for 4-8 hours.

Use in bread recipe above.

Crème Anglais

500 g milk

500 g heavy cream

1 vanilla stick

120 g egg yolks

400 g sugar

Put the milk and cream in a pot until the blend reaches boiling temperature

Cut the vanilla stick in the middle and remove the seeds and add to the cream blend along with the rest of the stick.

Place plastic wrap over the bowl and infuse for 25 minutes.

Add the egg yolks and sugar to the mixture and mix until the blend is smooth and light coloured. 

Pour the cream blend through a sieve and cool and serve immediately with Brioche bread.

Happy advent! 

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