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Our method

Cacao trees grow in hot and humid areas approx. 20° north or south of the equator.

The cacao fruit, or pod, is picked from the tree and cut open. Inside are about 20-30 beans in a sweet white pulp.

Over 4-9 days the pulp breaks down starting a chemical reaction of yeast and good bacteria. Here most of the bean’s flavor is developed.

The beans are laid out to sun dry for another 5-7 days with regular, even turns.

After drying, the beans are ready
to be bagged in burlap sacks and sent all around the world.

Adding heat develops the final flavor of the bean and makes it easier to remove its outer shell.

After roasting, the beans are cracked open and the light, papery husk is separated from the heavy, dense cocoa nib.

The nibs are put through a pre- grinder which crushes them into cocoa mass. The mass is then refined with cane sugar and other ingredients for up to three hours.

Once smooth, the chocolate is melted and slightly cooled while constantly agitating it. This gives the finished chocolate a good shine, snap, and melting point.


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