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Our special Mother’s Day picks

Celebrate mom with delicious and good-quality chocolate made with love. We’ve carefully selected chocolate we know moms will love.

Sea Salted Toffee

So sweet and creamy and salty. This is our ode to Dulce de Leche.


Madagascar 66%

Dark, bold, and fruity. This dark chocolate is our first true love, just like mom.


Omnom Milk Chocolate Krunch

This crunchy snack is perfect for a busy mom to indulge in.


BIG! Sea Salted Almonds

Is there a better combo than milk chocolate and sea salted almonds? We think not.


Coffee + milk

This is one of our most popular bars. We use coffee beans instead of cocoa beans for our signature coffee + milk flavor. In every bar, there’s about a shot of espresso. Perfect for coffee lovers.


Milk of Nicaragua

Once voted the best milk chocolate in the world, this beautiful bar does not disappoint with taste notes of walnut and cherry. This bar is so fudgy and delicious.

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