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The Squirrel our latest ice cream creation here at Omnom Chocolate

There were no squirrels in Iceland, until now.

Introducing our latest ice cream creation:


Five years ago we made a Christmas hazelnut chocolate bar featuring a squirrel. The squirrel has held a special place in our hearts since then and we are very excited to bring it back now with a twist, in the form of our latest ice cream creation.

We made a hazelnut-chocolate “Nutellaesque” butter which we sprinkled with dark and milk chocolate made from our cacao beans from Tanzania. On top of it all sits a handmade golden confectionery filled with caramel and hazelnut cream along with a roasted hazelnut.

A delicious “squirrel-esque” ice cream creation that is the latest addition to the menu at our ice cream store here in Reykjavík.

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