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Opposites attract

Opposites attract

Two chocolates, two flavors. Their difference is what unites them: one salty, one tangy. Opposite attractions that come together in sweet harmony.

Our delicious Love Collection is out now in a beautiful gift box just in time for Valentine's day. 

We are sending out love letters with every online order of the Love Collection that you can fill out and give to your loved one for Valentines's day.

Sea-Salted Toffee

There is nothing like good caramel chocolate, but it can be tricky to make it perfect, and it has taken us years to achieve this flavor. We started by baking the milk—yes, you read that right—until it darkened in color and caramelized. The aroma reminded us of dulce de leche. To finish the chocolate, we sprinkled sea salt from Saltverk on top. Et voilà! The perfect creamy caramel chocolate, Sea-Salted Toffee.

Lakkrís + Raspberry 

Surprisingly, the inspiration for this chocolate bar does not come from Icelandic nature or ingredients, but rather the candy aisle. There is something utterly irresistible about combining licorice and raspberries. We ground down Persian licorice root before adding cocoa butter and Icelandic milk. Once mixed, the base is very creamy and has a rich hint of exotic spices. The pièce de lakkrísistance is the dried raspberries we sprinkled on top. The flavor brings us right back to our childhood, standing in the candy aisle, eyeing one of our favorite Scandinavian treats.

New Recipe

As we always strive for the best possible flavor, and due to our endless love for experimentation, once we initially released the Lakkrís + Raspberry bar, our search didn’t end there. We kept on trying new things and stumbled upon a minute change in the recipe that brought this bar home. By removing the powdered raspberries from the Lakkrís base, we struck a richer and fuller balance between the two key ingredients. By slightly reducing the overall acidity brought in by the raspberries in the chocolate base, we were now experiencing a bar that was more playful to our palates—weaving together the creamy and spicy Lakkrís notes with the perfect level of sweet and tart tones of the raspberries. We believe we found the right equilibrium. 


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