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Omnom Chocolate Advent Box

Embrace Advent with our selection of handmade chocolate confectionery

The Icelandic winter can be long, bleak and cold. As islanders in the north, the warmth of a lit candle, the nearness of family and friends and a dash of hygge are what make the holiday season extra special. There’s something unique to us about Advent, a cozy and comforting get-together every Sunday leading up to the holidays.

Each Advent Sunday, we light a different candle — each imbued with specific symbolism — and let it brighten our day. We want to share that special moment and feeling with you.

We present to you a box of specially crafted handmade delicacies, one for each of the four Advent Sundays before Christmas. Each is a unique treat inspired by the Icelandic festive tradition.

Roasted almonds covered in Madagascar 66% chocolate and finely dusted with dried raspberries

Raisins soaked in rum for four months and covered with creamy mocha chocolate

Salted almonds engulfed in our delicious Sea Salted Toffee

Luscious Milk of Nicaragua- chocolate-enrobed hazelnuts


Available now in our online store

Omnom Advent Box

Omnom Advent Box


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