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Mr. Carrots' Mango-Passion and Milk Chocolate Almonds

Mr. Carrots' Mango-Passion and Milk Chocolate Almonds

Sadly, Mr. Carrots, everyone’s favorite bunny, will not make an appearance this year. After an exhausting 2020, Mr. Carrots decided to take a break from it all and get some rest and relaxation in along with some traveling. Lucky for him to be the first chocolate bunny to receive an immunization for you know what.

Thankfully, he does not leave us empty-handed. He’s shared with us his favorite treats from his garden, which he has hand-picked.

Mr. Carrots’ box of treats is filled with delightful Mango-Passion and Milk Chocolate Almonds to nibble on and enjoy with loved ones over Easter.

The acidity of the passion fruit and the fruitiness of the mango intertwine perfectly with the velvety texture and sweet flavor of the milk chocolate, coming together superbly in a mouthwatering explosion with the salty toasted almond.

Mr. Carrots´ Mango-Passion Milk Chocolate Almonds are a limited release available exclusively in our online shop.

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