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Happy Pride Month

Happy Pride Month

Omnom Chocolate proudly supports and sponsors Reykjavík Pride

June is upon us which only means one thing, it’s Pride Month!  We hope you have a fantastic pride month filled with love and unity. 

We at Omnom are one of the main sponsors of Reykjavik Pride here in Iceland, and in fact, our Caramel bar was made specially in honor of Pride to bring awareness to the cause and celebrate diversity. 

Caramel is made with 50% milk chocolate and topped with caramel pieces coated in even more chocolate. From the first look to the last bite of the chocolate, we want this bar to be big, bold, proud, and sparkling. Sounds alright, doesn't it? 

This special chocolate is Omnom’s way to celebrate diversity and Icelandic unity while making life a little bit more colorful and magical. It’s a bar that’s near and dear to the Omnom family.

Omnom Chocolate stands in unity and support with the Pride community. After all, the world needs more chocolate, unicorns, and rainbows!

- Team Omnom

Reykjavik Pride


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