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Happy National Licorice day!

Happy National Licorice day!

It’s not just Easter that’s around the corner: On Sunday, we also will celebrate National Licorice Day! Oh, what a time to be alive.

As you might know, Icelanders are absolutely obsessed with licorice. It’s in our DNA — the licorice gene, we call it! So we couldn’t be happier that these two holidays coincide. 

We want to share our licorice obsession with the rest of the world and get you excited about licorice.

But do licorice and chocolate go well together? The short answer is YES! 

We’ve put together a little licorice starter pack for you, which consists of Lakkrís + Sea Salt, Lakkrís + Raspberry and our lakkrís-chocolate-covered malt balls, called Krunch. 

We love lakkrís and we hope you do too! Have a great and relaxed holiday inside! 

The Omnom family

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