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Halloween Collection

Halloween Collection

This all hallows’ eve, let us bring Halloween to you with some deliciously dark bites that will send you howlin’ at the moon.

Our deadly delicious Halloween Collection includes some of our favourite chocolates like; Coffee + Milk, Black n´ Burnt Barley and Tanzania 70% 

Black n´ Burnt Barley  

Black n´ Burnt Barley Born out of the darkness. A mad scientist's experiment, animated to live by a mysterious spark. This pitch-black experience is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before with its rich toasty and full flavour and a hint of black coffee that will follow you into the dark.

Coffee + Milk

Any vampire hunter will know how important it is to stay awake and alert. Our Coffee + Milk bar will give you enough boost to stay up all night long. Keep your wits about you and stay sharp with this creamy cortado bar. But remember, keep your guard up. For the night is long and they are coming...

Tanzania 70%

Not everything dark is scary. This delicious dark chocolate has dominant notes of stone fruits and roasted hazelnuts with hints of raisins and ripe apricots. A hauntingly tasty bar that will leave you wanting for more. 


This is a very limited release

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