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In Iceland, where winter weaves a tale of long, bleak nights and frost-kissed mornings, the approach of Christmas brings a unique tradition that warms the hearts of every Icelander. The arrival of Advent is a cherished tradition that unfolds its charm every Sunday leading up to Christmas.
Advent in Iceland is more than just a countdown; it's a symphony of warmth and togetherness, a tradition that beckons the community to gather around the flickering candlelight. Each Sunday, a new candle is lit, each bearing its unique symbolism, illuminating the darkness and filling the air with anticipation. It's a tradition that unites us, bringing a sense of comfort and joy as we await the arrival of Christmas.
In the spirit of sharing this precious tradition with the world, we invite you to embrace Advent with our specially curated selection of handmade chocolate confectionery. 
the gift set includes:
Roasted almonds covered in Madagascar 66% chocolate and finely dusted with dried raspberries

Raisins soaked in rum for four months and covered with creamy mocha chocolate

Salted almonds engulfed in our delicious Sea Salted Toffee

Luscious Milk of Nicaragua- chocolate-enrobed hazelnuts
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